The South West Annual Flute Festival 2011


with special guests
Gareth Davies (LSO) - flute
Tim Carey - piano
& Just Flutes

Sponsored by Jonathan Myall Music and Altus Flutes


Huge thank you to everyone who came and supported the event.

Special thanks to Gareth Davies, Tim Carey, Pasha Mansurov (and Jonathan Myall Music),Mike Nottage and everyone at St Joseph's school.


On Saturday, some of the St Margaret’s School flautists went to St Joseph’s School in Launceston for a ‘flute day’ organised by the South West Flute Festival. The day was fantastic. It was led by Gareth Davies, who is the principle flautist with the London Symphony Orchestra. We watched him doing some master-classes, he conducted us when we all played in the flute choir with about 30 other flautists and we learnt some really helpful tips about flute playing from him.

There was also a crazy shop, which sold flutes, music, accessories etc and we all had a great time playing around with all the different types of flute, such as alto, bass and piccolo and we were allowed to play them in the flute choir sessions. We also had the opportunity of trying different head joints on our own flutes.

In the evening, Gareth performed an amazing concert for us and he was just brilliant. He played some very complicated pieces unbelievably well. His pianist was Tim Carey and he played astonishingly well too!

Everyone loved the whole experience. Thank you to Miss Highton and Mrs Lowles for organising it and taking us.

Abbie Clarke and Maria Wall –Year 7

PS. Gareth Davies was really impressed by our girls and said, ‘Having the St Margaret’s girls here has made my weekend’. – Praise indeed! The girls had a wonderful and memorable time